There once was a young man full of vision and dreams:

A theme park marked by worship that never stops flowing like a river 24/7/365; Media presentations that shine the limelight onto the faithful, true believers that capture and inspire those around them; Missions through cultural representation that reaches the far corners of the world through 21st century Christian entertainment that captivates and stirs up the heart; Rooftop worship occurring at the top of every major city in the world, with groups of Christians united under the skies, praying for healing and revival in their land; The young man is ecstatic as he steps forward through the challenges he faces on his journey to make his dreams a reality. Through the years of laughter and tears that marked his 20's, the young man met many who shared and partook in his vision. And thus, "HagiEn” was born. (“Ha” for God, “Gi” for delight, “En” for entertainment)

We are confident that the vision that captured our hearts is from the Lord, And under the leadership of our Executive Producer, we take another step forward today.


Psalms 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart